Business Owners and management teams face challenges as they try to grow their business and increase profitability.  These challenges vary and can include a lack of time, skills and knowledge to do the things they need to do.

In SMEs, these challenges can be more difficult to address as there are fewer resources (time and skills) to draw upon internally. Increasing headcount and using external resources are always options but doing this at a senior level can be costly and it can be difficult to get the right skill-mix and the level of flexibility you want.

I enable and accelerate the growth of start ups and SMEs by providing flexible, hands-on management expertise. My inspiration comes from my desire to share and use what I have learnt and experienced in my career.

What I bring to you and your organisation

I am – a qualified chartered accountant and a trained business coach

I have – over 30 years’ commercial experience

I will give you:

  • knowledge, skills and guidance to enhance your and your team’s skillset
  • an outside perspective and be your critical friend
  • a sounding board and support when you need to solve a problem or think through critical decisions
  • focus and direction so you, your team and your processes are aligned to achieve your goals

Whether your needs are project based or you need a regular presence but only for a few days a week or a month or just some one-off sessions to help you with a particular issue (planning, brainstorming or reviewing work done by others for example), my aim is to give you the support you need.

Recurring presence

As a part-time FD/COO, you have someone who becomes part of your organisation and supports you and your team to achieve your goals and ensure that the important things get done.  Sitting as part of your team, I will understand your goals, your challenges and work with you to shape your business to achieve your goals and plans. I am a resource that you and your team can draw on, working with you and them to keep focus and momentum while helping all develop in their roles. I will challenge your thinking and encourage input and debate to arrive at the best solution for you.

Project work

When you require specific projects to be completed, I can work independently without having to balance other internal objectives. With my consultative style, you know the end result will be tailored for your organisation.

Ad-hoc support

I understand that some business owners and managers need ad-hoc support when facing issues and working on certain areas.  Be it to clarify objectives, brainstorm issues or act as a sounding board, I work with individuals and teams, supporting them in a way that enables them to move forward with confidence and clarity.  Being a business owner/manager can be a lonely role and I am the critical friend that is needed at times.

Unlike some interim managers, I can work part-time, undertake project work or be available to support you on an ad-hoc basis to help you in a particular challenge.

Unlike some consultants, I take responsibility for implementing as well as assessing and recommending.

Unlike coaches, I get on and do the doing when you want things done.

Get in touch to discuss the support you would like