I am a chartered accountant with over 30 years’ experience in business. I am also a trained business coach. I have acted as a Finance Business Partner to business owners and management teams, combining my technical knowledge with my commercial mindset and pragmatic approach to deliver tangible improvements.

My style is collaborative, supportive and positive. I believe in strong working relationships and actively work to achieve these. I work alongside you to help you develop your skills and knowledge but am equally happy to roll up my sleeves and deliver projects that will move your business forward quicker.

Susan Jackson Cousin

What you get

Planning and budgeting experience

I work with you to develop your plans and build your budgets. I support you in engaging with key stakeholders to get buy-in, responsibility and accountability.

Financial skills and knowledge

As a chartered accountant, I am comfortable with numbers and, given that numbers are the language of business, I support business owners in understanding them and using them to support the growth of their business and decision-making.

Reporting design expertise

The complexity and volume of information collated and reviewed should match the needs of a business. I help you identify the information you need and how to get it and then interpret it. I am very conscious that the information a business needs is often more than financial information so I work with you to decide what key performance indicators will help you move your business forward, enable you to make the decisions you need to make and identify issues at an early stage.

Team engagement and management skills

Team alignment and engagement greatly impact the success of a business. I work with you to design the right team structure that best suits the needs of your business and to clarify roles and responsibilities. This clarity both empowers and motivates staff. I support you in engaging your team to increase productivity and effectiveness and ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Process design efficiency

Ensuring the right things are done in the right way at the right time consistently makes a big difference to your profitability, cash flow and productivity. I work with you and your team to identify, capture and communicate what needs to be done, how, by whom and when. Process definition and documentation is a key element for growth, efficiency and profitability as it creates leverage which enables you to get a greater return.

My vision, mission and values


To have business owners and managers be equipped and supported in building their businesses and realising their future goals by having access to the right expertise.


To support the owners and management teams of SMEs in a practical and flexible way to enable them to achieve their goals.


Authentic –  genuine and true to self

Reliable – there for the client in all respects

Tailored – always understanding and constantly serving the client’s needs

Professional – respective of client and colleague

Supportive – encouraging and seeking solutions to all situations

Teamwork – seeking and recognising the value of the contribution of all

Honest – in all interactions and transactions

Balance – in business and in life

Proven Delivery

I have worked with and in businesses of various sizes at various levels and have delivered tangible results in many areas including:

  • Turned around the cash flow of a medium sized business by £2m in a year and restructured and negotiated bank financing
  • Revised internal reporting to provide management with the information they needed to both monitor performance and make decisions based on factual and relevant information
  • Restructured planning and budgeting processes to increase transparency, responsibility and buy-in
  • Reorganised team structures to increase skillsets, increase efficiency and improve job satisfaction and staff morale
  • Embedded policies and procedures to increase efficiency and control