How to get more for less – leveraging your business

We all want our businesses to work efficiently and effectively. We also don’t want to re-invent the wheel – we want to make best use of what we have and make what we have be the best possible. This is why systemisation of your business becomes so important. Your business will be most efficient and effective if you systemise the routine. This will ensure things are done consistently well and as efficiently as possible.

What do I mean by systemisation? It is the process of documenting what you do regularly such that anyone can do the documented task to the required standard. Systems include simple things like flowcharts, checklists, photos, videos, documents, screen shots. Actually, simplest is best.

What can I systemise and where do I start?

Anything that is routine can be systemised – staff training and appraisals, job scheduling, quotations, invoicing and debt collection, purchasing systems, stock control, telephone enquiry scripts. The best place to start is to think of the most important processes in your business and consider what takes up most time and how often you do it. These areas will give the biggest bang for your buck. Also think about what things are currently causing problems. Is it client dissatisfaction or poor cash collection of invoices issued for example? Agreeing, documenting and communicating these systems to those who operate them will set a required standard and give guidance as to the actions you want your team to take. (If you have problems identifying who to communicate the systems to or if you need to communicate them to everyone – that may be identifying problems in their own right (lack of clarity of responsibility or collective responsibility and thus no responsibility) – one for another day!)

Systemisation is often a lengthy task but the benefits can be significant. It leads to higher standards (and the documentation can constantly be enhanced as people identify opportunities to improve things), greater consistency and greater efficiency as there is less requirement to decide what to do and how to do it.

Get those who run the current systems to start the documentation process. They have the most knowledge, will have the most ownership and will be the most likely to have ideas on how to improve things.

Do you need help in deciding where to start?

Watch a great TED talk call Draw Toast by Tom Wujec and/or give me a call. Systemisation is a must for Business Owners who want their business to be able to run without them.